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Feedback is very important to us and we actively encourage all our delegates to rate our training courses and share their views on how we could constantly improve our service. We receive consistently excellent feedback (some of our best is listed below) and we promptly seek to develop any areas that need improvement; this ensures the safety and quality of our customers’ experience remains the main focus of all our activities.

  • “The Working at Heights is great for those who intend to carry out this type of work, the First Aid is 100% better than other courses, as is the Sea Survival. Manual Handling is a first for me and very beneficial, the Fire Awareness is also very informative. Canteen facilities and food no complaints and instructors very good and professional” GWO WINDA Review
  • “Just a short note to say that I’ve been on the GWO 2 day WAH and wished to feedback how well I thought it was run and presented by your two instructors. They are both a credit to CWind.” SSE Head of Wind
  • “I’d like to thank you for your support on the GWO training last week. To be frank I achieved something which I didn’t think possible – working at height – and this was wholly down to your support and encouragement – for this I’m grateful” Andrew Greenleaf – Head of Gunfleet Sands Operations
  • “A great weeks course lead by Dave, clear instructions and excellent knowledge throughout the week on all subjects, good uses of practical and theory to break days up. A really enjoyable week” GWO WINDA Review
  • “All the instructors were knowledgeable and easy to understand and ask questions to. The training facilities were very good and breakroom and lunch were very good. The new PowerPoint slides were very professional and made for teaching rather than all day reading” GWO WINDA Review

  • “Thank you very much for the Advanced Rescue training. The course was well structured and I found the way you blended casualty care into the rescue exercises very informative, this combined delivery of rescue techniques and casualty care is new to me but it makes perfect sense. The balance between classroom and actual exercises was very good. It was also good to have exposure to various rescue devices and equipment. The scenarios we went through in training were realistic and a great opportunity to put theory into practise” Mark Mountain – O&M Technician, Equinor
  • “Thank you for our refresher course last week, great course as usual, you guys make things a lot more interesting and more applicable to our line of work.” Statkraft Level 7 Technician
  • “The best Working at Height course I have attended in my 6 years in Wind Power. Delivery was excellent and tailored to all in the group. I would recommend CWind Training to all my colleagues.” Rob Richardson – Deputy Offshore Manager, Galloper
  • “The trainers clearly know their subject and, despite attending numerous WAH courses in the past, I learnt a great deal. Excellent course” GWO WINDA Review
  • “Many thanks once again for your involvement, we would definitely like to involve you in any exercises that we have in the future.” Statkraft Lead Support


CWind Services

Cable Pull-In

Experienced technicians who can work quickly yet handle your precious array, export and PCC cable with care. Over 890 pull ins, as a group, to date.

Corrosion Protection

Full corrosion protection services, inspection, procurement, application and transportation to maximise asset lifetime

Temporary Power

Temporary power for turbines far out to sea allowing for smooth, uninterrupted construction and maintenance

Subsea Survey Solutions

Utilising the CTV fleet to undertake subsea surveys, a cost effective solution maximising the benefits of time on site

Topside Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

CWind has a robust track record of experience delivering Topside Inspections, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), utilising owned assets, best people and proven procedures, delivered through one interface

Subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Optimised, flexible solutions using cutting edge technology for Subsea Inspections, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) to meet customer requirements

Cable Termination & Testing

Optimising time, avoiding extra costs and ensuring safety requires planning and preparation, as well as technical, logistical and project management expertise.

Crew Transfer Vessel Charter

Transporting technicians quickly and safely, to and from site with a fleet of 17 vessels

Offshore Wind Training

One-stop accredited training centre offering bespoke courses to the on and offshore wind industry including confined space and rescue