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Our Integrated Services

CWind has a core base of knowledge, skills, technology, equipment and assets which provide the capabilities to construct, commission, operate and maintain large–scale offshore wind projects anywhere in the world. With experience at over 50 offshore wind farms, CWind are on hand for both scheduled and unplanned maintenance with fully trained technicians and a dedicated fuel efficient fleet of CTVs.

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Technicians & Engineering Support

Over 350 certified and experienced personnel including technicians, riggers, slingers, lifting supervisors & foremen

Power Cable Storage

A purpose built facility to protect the most valuable of assets

Cable Pull-In

Experienced technicians who can work quickly yet handle your precious array, export and PCC cable with care. Over 890 pull ins, as a group, to date.

Corrosion Protection

Full corrosion protection services, inspection, procurement, application and transportation to maximise asset lifetime

Cable Trenching

Trenching expertise delivering engineering support, project management and modern assets with an extensive track record

Temporary Power

Temporary power for turbines far out to sea allowing for smooth, uninterrupted construction and maintenance

Subsea Survey Solutions

Utilising the CTV fleet to undertake subsea surveys, a cost effective solution maximising the benefits of time on site

Power Cable Maintenance & Repair

Accessible cable storage solutions supporting on-going, planned and emergency maintenance

Blade Repair

CWind solution conducted in 95% of environmental conditions and 25% quicker than other market solutions

Crew Transfer Vessel Charter

Transporting technicians quickly and safely, to and from site with a fleet of 17 vessels

Inspections & Maintenance

Methodical checks of turbine assets and auxiliary equipment to pre-empt problems which can quickly escalate

Pre-project Planning & Cable Installation

Cable route services for efficient project planning; desktop study, route survey, permitting, route and project engineering

Offshore Wind Training

One-stop accredited training centre offering bespoke courses to the on and offshore wind industry including confined space and rescue