Ethics Concerns


As an open and transparent organisation, Global Marine Group provides the Ethics Concerns program for employees, partners, stakeholders and members of public to report concerns regarding potential unethical practices in a secure and confidential way.

Our Ethics Concerns program can be used to report serious concerns within the areas below:

  • Financial Issues: Theft and embezzlement, accounting manipulation, non-compliance with internal control procedures and any other kind of financial fraud as well as non-compliance with financial regulation.
  • Fraudulent Business Conduct: Payments of bribery or facilitation payments, corruption, improper sponsorships, donations, gifts and entertainment, violation of competition laws or rules on handling of inside information and other inappropriate business conduct.
  • Environment, Health and Safety: pollution, serious failure to observe and/or implement safe working practices and any kind of infliction of damage to persons or the environment.


Our Ethics Concerns program is not designed to cover areas such as:

  • Events presenting an immediate threat to life, the environment or property. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities or initiate the Emergency Response Procedure.
  • Less serious concerns including disagreements with colleagues, incompetence, absence and violation of guidelines concerning smoking, alcohol and use of email; these issues should be raised through internal Grievance Reporting procedures.


Persons reporting Ethics Concerns are covered by our “Just Culture”. This means that no employee, worker or stakeholder will be subject to any form of disciplinary measures related to actions, omissions or decisions taken by them as a result of genuine issues raised through our Ethics Concerns program.

However, it is also important to avoid innocent persons being suspected of misconduct and Global Marine Group reserves the right to take necessary disciplinary measures where gross negligence, wilful violations and/or destructive acts are not concerned.

Please fill out our confidential form below if you have an Ethics Concern

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