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MCA STCW Master 200gt / OOW 500gt Oral Preparation Course

Delivered by an experienced commercial MCA Master, this 6 day course utilises all the latest training aids, a full ships library and resources designed to imitate those found on board and/or in the final MCA Master 200gt Oral Examination (whether that be online or in person at an MCA Exam Centre).

Our designated trainers for this 6 day MCA Master 200gt / OOW 500gt Oral Prep’ course have over 10+ years experience in delivering bespoke prep courses with a proven track record and commendable pass rate. Our lead trainer sits on the steering group for less than 500gt MCA Deck qualifications and has recently been actively involved in supporting the development of the MCA Master 200gt / OOW 500gt syllabus.

With access to coded vessels, including Crew Transfer Vessels, a simulation room (which includes RADAR simulation screens & work stations), CWind Training provide a unique high quality learning experience giving you the best possible opportunity at passing your MCA Master 200gt Certificate of Competence.

Applied scenario based teaching methods are used by qualified IMO Trainers holding the IMO 6.09 Train the Trainer qualification and a deck management level CoC.

The full syllabus for the MCA Master 200gt / OOW 500gt Certificate of Competence is covered during this preparation course at our well-equipped state of the art training facility in Grimsby. The full syllabus can be found by clicking here

Fully accredited facilities & courses

Credit cards accepted

Knowledgeable trainers with industry experience

Purpose-built facilities with 18m training tower


This 6-day course comprises of the following topics / agenda:

  • Day 1 – Introduction to syllabus, knowledge check & refresher of Yachtmaster Offshore topics to include: Bouyage, Ships Lights, IRPCS / ColRegs, Position Fixing & Monitoring Techniques.
  • Day 2 – ColRegs (1-18 & Lights / Shapes), Business and Law
  • Day 3 – Business & Law Continued, Master’s responsibilities, Stability, Emergency Procedures, IRPCS Rule 19 & Radar
  • Day 4 – Radar Plotting, ColRegs – All, Passage planning, Pilotage and Navigation, Seamanship / Ship handling
  • Day 5 – Full Syllabus Overview / Review and tailored delivery based on class requirements.
  • Day 6 – Mock Questions & Exam Techniques focussing on required / applicable topics.


The assumed level of knowledge for this course is Yachtmaster Offshore / IYT Master of Yachts Limited as a minimum. 6 days is not sufficient time to re-visit the Yachtmaster syllabus in its entirety, nor is it sufficient time to cover the entire syllabus to the required depth of knowledge to pass the final MCA Master 200gt Oral Examination. This courses is designed to build on your current knowledge, equip you with the tools and resources needed to self-study broaden your depth of knowledge. There will be evening self-study requirements.

At the end of this course, you will be consciously competent – you will know what you know, and what you don’t know. You will know where to look, the resources available to you and how to best study ahead of your final Master 200gt / OOW 500gt Oral Examination. We recommend that you book your final examination (which we can assist with) at least 2 weeks after your prep’ course allowing time to self-study and address areas requiring improvement.

You will be provided with a full learner appraisal and action plan helping you plan / map out your self-study.

MCA Master 200gt / OOW 500gt Mock Examinations are available on site at our centre or via zoom. Please contact us for more information.


£1350 (VAT excl.) per person


6 days

Sorry there are no dates available for this course at the moment.